Polyclinic FAQ

Is UKM polyclinic cater only UKM staff and UKM student?

  • No, like any other polyclinic we see all patients regardless whether they are from UKM or not.

Are there other branch of the polyclinic?

  • At time being, polyclinic UKM seksyen 15 Bandar Baru Bangi is the only clinic we have.

Can UKM student get treatment from the clinic at any time?

  • UKM students are only allowed to get treatment from the polyclinic after 5pm on weekdays and also during weekends and public holidays. If they come during office hours, then they have to pay for the charges.

Is the clinic open 24 hours?

  • Our operation hours is from 8.30 am to 10pm on weekdays and from 10am to 6pm on weekends.

Are there ambulance and X-ray services provided by the polyclinic?

  • At present we do not provide both services. However, for X-ray service it is available at Clinic Mega which located just next to us. For ambulance services we utilize the available public ambulance provided by the government agencies or via the private ambulance services.

Does the polyclinic gives discount for its blood test package?

  • Yes, from time to time there will be promotions on blood test package. Kindly ask the front counter about it.

Does the polyclinic provide vaccines for hajj and umrah?

  • Yes, we do and it is provided at a very reasonable price.

What do we need to prepare before doing blood test?

  • For most blood tests the patients does not need to do any preparation. However, for cholesterol and fasting blood sugar (FBS) tests, patient has to fast from 11pm the night before and come early in the morning to get the blood taken.

How long will we get the result of the blood test?

  • The tests are done at a private lab and usually it will be rady by 3 working days. The polyclinic staffs will call the patients as soon as the blood results are available.

Does provide any house call?

  • At present we do not provide house call. Any emergencies please contact 999 for ambulance services which will bring you to the nearest hospital emergency department.